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Collaborative Programming

  • Sex Trafficking: Human Rights Violations on a Global Scale
    (Co-sponsoring Divisions: DIvision 52 (lead Division), 35, 44, 51, 56)
    Chair: Nancy M Sidun, PsyD
    Presenters: Nancy M Sidun, PsyD; Irma Barron, PhD; Joel Filmore, EdD; Louise B Silverstein, PhD

Additional Division 52 Program Highlights

  • Presidential Address: Craig Shealy, PhD, 2017 DIvision 52 President
    The address will be a celebration in which we will acknowledge our Fellows, unveil our strategic plan, and honor our past, present, and future leaders and accomplishments.
  • Symposium: Where in the World is Psychology?: Why and How We Can Help Meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    Co-listed Divisions 9, 14, 26, 27, 35, 37, APAGS, and Psi Chi
Libby Nutt Williams, PhD
    Presenters: Stuart Carr, PhD; Merry Bullock, PhD & Amanda Clinton, PhD; Craig N. Shealy, PhD & Connesia Handford & Alexis C. Kenny & Pat Kenny; Renee Staton, PhD; Lee G. Sternberger, PhD
  • Symposium: Women and Leadership in International Settings
    Co-Listing Divisions: 9, 13, 14, 26, 27, 35, 39, 42, APAGS, abd Psi Chi
    Chair: Brigitte Khoury, PhD
    Presenters:  Florence L. Denmark, PhD; Brigitte Khoury, PhD; Suzana Adams, PsyD; Discussant
 Jean Lau Chin, EdD

** 7 sessions are being offered for CE credit **

  • Lynn Stuart Weiss Lecture (honorary lecture selected by Divisions 9, 41, 48, 52):
    Developing Peaceful People: Psychological Foundations for Peace Education
    Presenter: Linden L. Nelson, PhD
    Suite Programming

Suite programs will offer multiple sessions designed to offer provocative dialogues, including a convening of Fellows, ECPs, mentors, leaders, and students for the purpose of exploring opportunities of immediate and future collaboration.


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