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What are your goals, as APA president, for APA’s international engagement and for infusing an international perspective into APA’s own vision, activities, and initiatives?

52 cerboneArmand R. Cerbone, Ph.D., ABPP

My 20-year involvement in international psychology grew from my advocacy for social justice and affirmative psychotherapy for LGBTI people. In 2001 I co-chaired the first international conference on LGB psychology and mental health policy. The conference introduced me to international efforts to advocate for the human rights of LGBTI people around the world.

The conference issued a consensus statement that created a network of psychological associations, the International Psychology Network for LGBTI Issues (iPsyNet). iPsyNet has nineteen member associations applying psychological knowledge to clinical services, public education, and mental health policy affecting LGBTI people. iPsyNet’s has seen the translation and adaptation of APA’s LGBT guidelines into several languages and spawned others. I chaired the network during its development and now serve as Division 44’s (LGBTI) representative to the Oversight Group, which advises the APA Board of Directors.

At the division level, I co-founded Division 44’s Committee on International Affairs, to stimulate an international agenda and to introduce international members into leadership. In Division 29 (Psychotherapy), I supported the establishment of a Domain for International Affairs that has placed international interests at the heart of the division’s mission. In 2016, as the Society’s president, I signed an agreement between Division 29 and the Oriental Institute in Wuhan, China, to collaborate on training, supervision, and ethics. In 2017 the Institute invited me to give a keynote address and a three-day workshop on LGBTI psychology and human rights.

When Division 52 honored me with Fellow status, I pledged to advance the mission of the Division by increasing the involvement of APA divisions and governance in international affairs. If elected, I would continue to create opportunities for APA to share our resources and learn from our international colleagues. Above all, I would seek to promote an international agenda of social justice and human rights.