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APA opened the ballots for the Divison Elections April 16, 2018. All voting Divison members should have received an email from APA to vote in the election. Division 52 is proud to announce its candidates for elected positions in the Division and to post their candidate statements.

Open positions for 2018 include: 

President Elect    D52 khoury   D52 Pfohl2
     Brigitte Khoury, PhD   William "Bill" Pfohl, PsyD
MAL / VP for Engagement    D52 bikos   d52 1
     Lynette Bikos, PhD   Irene Lopez, PhD
ECP Committee Chair and Chair Elect 
(if the by-laws changes are 
passed, will serve as team)
  d52 DeHoff   D52 poelker
     LeAnn DeHoff, PhD   Katelyn Poelker, PhD 
Student Committee Chair-Elect 
Election to be held after bylaws changes
are passed)
  d52 nikalje   d52 orr
     Ankita Nikalje, MS    Angelique Orr, MS
Council Representative   D52 Emmons   d52 Rubin
     Luli Emmons, PhD   Neal Rubin, PhD, ABPP


Duties: Serves one year as President-Elect, one year as President, and one year as immediate Past President. The duties of the President-Elect are to work collaboratively with the “Presidential Trio” (past-current-elect) to provide continuity in the implementation of the Division 52 strategic plan. The President-Elect also serves as Co-Chair with the Past President of the Strategic Planning Committee and participates actively in Division committees on awards and nominations as well as the Board and the Presidential Advisory Committee.

D52 khoury   President Elect:     
Brigitte Khoury, PhD

See Short Biography

I am interested to run for the position of President Elect of Division 52. Being a member since I was a student, allowed me to identify with the international concerns, advocacy and focus on psychology outside the US. This reason made me run for member-at-large position and serve for 3 years, while chairing the committee on multicultural issues. Currently, I am chairing the committee on trauma, disaster, violence and prevention, while representing the division and contributing to the Refugee Mental Health Network. In 2015, I was elected to serve a 3 year term on the Committee for International relations program (CIRP) which allowed me to learn more about international psychology at APA. Being a graduate of the Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology at APA, gave me the necessary formal leadership skills required to head the division. I am convinced that these experiences prepared me well for the role of president of Division 52.

Having lived and worked in different regions of the world (Europe, Middle East and the USA), gave me an insider’s look on psychology, with its challenges and demands in certain countries. It enriched my knowledge about the impact culture, language, history, religion and society have on psychology. As a division president I will strive to increase the membership, establish a collaborative network, enhance exchanges, and support international psychologists in their advocacy and promotion of the field. My ambition is to expand on the mutual and cross-cultural dialogue where US psychologists will be infused with the knowledge and experience of international psychologists, and vice versa.

D52 Pfohl2   President Elect:     
William ("Bill") Pfohl, PsyD

See Short Biography

I am honored to run for President of Division 52 and will choose Building Bridges as my theme. The Division’s new vision and strategic plan needs implementation. Bridges need to be built within the Division, within APA, and with international colleagues. I believe all psychology is global. Division 52’s reach and influence can promote strong research from an international perspective, connect international organizations, and connect other interested Divisions within APA. Building Bridges within APA with the Office of International Affairs and other Divisions with international interests will widen our ability to collaborate concerning international psychology. Collaborative Programing at each Convention offers a unique opportunity to share/collaborate with other divisions and our international colleagues.

The Division’s demographics include a diverse group who look to the Division for support, ideas, fellowship and guidance. Student and ECP membership is the new blood and strength of any organization. Fast Connect can keep the Division dynamic and fun. There is a strong cadre of Fellows whose input can be solicited for their collective historical wisdom - important for any organization. Finding new effective methods to communicate with our membership through social media, our newsletter and our journal is critical.

As a Division Fellow and Program Co-Chair (2013-14), I understand the needs and strengths of the group. With international leadership experience as President of the International School Psychology Association. (ISPA), I have developed contacts worldwide to facilitate collaborations, research, and advocacy. My interest areas are children’s rights, mental health issues for children/teens, and international crisis/trauma training.



Duties: Scope of interest includes membership, outreach, student concerns, ECP concerns, and liaisons to other organizations and members. The VP role is not to run the committees that are responsible for these specific activities, but to ensure communication and coordination among the committees under his/her purview, to offer support and suggestions for potential areas of focus, and to work with other leaders within the Division to maximize synergies, both internally and externally. The Vice President participates as an active member in the Board of Directors and the Presidential Advisory Committee. The term is 3 years.


D52 bikos

  MAL / VP for Engagement:
Lynette Bikos, PhD

See Short Biography

Please consider my nomination for Member-at-Large/Vice President for Engagement. With a scope of responsibilities spanning membership, outreach, student and ECP concerns, and liaison relationships, this feels like a natural fit for the D52 tasks to which I have already been drawn.

Since its 2010 conference, I have been organizing and promoting International Psychology at the annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association. These activities have included (a) assembling one or more internationally focused symposia proposals, (b) hosting the international poster session, (c) creating a pre-conference primer (and post-conference summary) that is posted to various outlets (e.g., WPA website, D52 newsletter/listserv/FB page), (d) creating and distributing swag, and (e) coordinating a student-first-authored poster contest. The poster contest has been popular enough that we have implemented it several times at APA. This past year I created a "Toolkit for Promoting D52@Professional Conferences" as well as an abbreviated, "Poster Contest Toolkit."

Core to my approach in coordinating submissions for the WPA international program and organizing the poster-contest activities is to invite/connect those who may not know about international psychology or the division - up to and including prospective students. I hope this approaches will translate well in the VP of Engagement's role with student concerns, ECP concerns, and liaising with other organizations and members.


 d52 1


MAL / VP for Engagement: 
Irene Lopez, PhD

See Short Biography

I am delighted to submit this self-nomination for the newly created role of Vice President for Engagement for Division 52. I am a clinical and cross-cultural psychologist at Kenyon College and as an active member of APA, I have been involved in various division committees that have been committed to international issues. First, I served on APA's committee on Socioeconomic Status, where I worked with colleagues to help with APA programming on issues related to social class. Next, as Chair for the Standing Committee on International Relations for the Division 2 (Teaching), I worked with my peers on internationalize the psychology curriculum. Following this, I was part of national organization Diversity Abroad, where I helped disseminate issues related to study abroad as it concerns underrepresented populations. Related to this, I am most proud of having received Division 52's International Mentoring Award for my work with international students. Currently, 

I am a member of the IES Committee, and regularly help review syllabi and conduct site visits. Similarly, as my institution's Global Liberal Arts Alliance Liaison, I have worked with faculty and administrators, to facilitate global course connections and programming with a network of international schools. Thus, my greatest strengths are working with different stakeholders to help them collaborate. Given my passion for international issues, as well as my past experience with APA governance, I believe I could be a competitive candidate and thus ask for your vote. For more about me please visit: www.irenelopezphdcom 



Duties: The Student Committee Chair serves as Student Representative to the Board of Directors and Chairs the Student Committee. The Chair-Elect serves one year as Chair Elect, one year as Chair, and one year as Past Chair for the Student Committee.This rotation is new beginning in 2019. Also new is that the Student Chair-Elect will be elected by students only (i.e., nominations are accepted from all Division members, affiliates and student members; however, the election will be by students only).

Note: This election will be conducted separately with student affiliate member voters only, and will occur after the bylaws revisions are accepted.


 d52 nikalje


Student Chair-Elect:
Ankita Nikalje, MS

See Short Biography

An international approach to psychological research and education is needed to tap into the immense potential of psychology in creating change across the world. I believe the key to this international approach is active engagement and collaboration. While efforts have been made to move past the predominant focus on North American and European populations and theories, our research and education still appears to be homogenous. However, to create sustainable global change within psychology we need the active and equal participation of all collaborators representing international psychology.

As a Student Committee Chair Elect, I want to use my seat at the table to develop specific strategies to internationalize psychology. Specifically, I want to focus on collaborating and building relationships with international partners and networks in facilitating cross-cultural research and education. I believe psychology students across the world can be a powerful source of developing this network, starting with the globally diverse students within our organization.

By promoting an international collaborative approach and actively engaging in cross-cultural research and education, I believe Division 52 can truly become a catalyst for creating global change and the centre of cross-cultural psychology both within the APA and across the world.



d52 orr


Student Chair-Elect: 
Angelique Orr, MS

See Short Biography

My name is Angelique Orr and I am honored to be a candidate for Student Committee Chair. I believe that I am well suited to serve in this role because of my diverse background and experience, my commitment to building APA’s Division of International Psychology, and my dedication to serving APA’s student populations. Retrospection has taught me that life is ever-changing. Every day is different. And, as we move through life we use psychology in every aspect to rationalize and navigate its evolving terrain. This realization helped me understand that psychology is, and has always been, an intrinsically, relevant unifying framework for my life’s work domestically and internationally.

Over the years, I have acquired various expertise that will be useful in advancing Division 52’s mission. I have served on multiple boards, developed statewide collaborations, and led engagement, policy and advocacy efforts for social justice issues in the US and overseas. I will leverage these experiences to raise the profile of the field of International Psychology.

Moreover, as a minority woman, I understand the importance of being ethically alert and responsible when serving as an advocate. If selected as Student Committee Chair, I will demonstrate this virtue. I will represent students’ interest, engage students as leaders in Division 52’s efforts, and ensure students’ access to resources, instruction, training, and mentoring to support their development as emerging professionals. I am excited about the possibility of serving as Student Committee Chair and look forward to learning and growing together in this endeavor.



Duties: The Early Career Psychologist (ECP) Chair (within 10 years of doctoral degree) works to increase visibility of ECP representation in the Division and in APA, works to develop resources for career development in an international context and represents ECP concerns to the Board of Directors. The term is 3 years.

Note: This vote is taking place during a transition period as D52 implements its strategic plan. One intended change is to alter the ECP Board position from a single elected slot (Member at Large-ECP) to a 3-person leadership and succession structure (ECP Chair-Elect, Chair, Past Chair, serving as Board member during the Chair year). Under the current bylaws, the ECP election procedure is for a single position. If the bylaws revisions are approved by the membership, the present election will be followed by a confirmation vote for an ECP leadership team.



 d52 DeHoff


ECP Chair: 
LeAnn DeHoff, PhD

See Short Biography

I am honored to be nominated for a second term as Early Career Psychologist Committee Chair for Division 52.  Division 52 has been my professional home since 2015.  Our community of members is comprised of passionate psychologists who work across the globe.  While each member’s area of expertise differs, we have a similar desire to consider cultural context, different worldviews, and human rights. 
As the current ECP Committee Chair, I have worked to connect members worldwide and ensure the voice of ECPs is heard across multiple forums.  

ECPs want to know how to achieve international jobs, how to become involved in international research, and where to find international psychology training.  In 2017, I co-hosted a Member Engagement Group discussion at the APA Convention, which resulted in two initiatives to help respond to these requests: a) a searchable database so members can find others who have similar interests; and b) webinars / training / CEs opportunities.  This conversation was influenced by the division’s new strategic plan, which illustrates its ability to listen to its members, especially ECPs and students, and to find ways to address their desires.

Our community of members are innovative and inspiring.  I encourage all members to become involved to support the future of our division.  Checkout div52.org and call / email a committee chair.  I know they would love to hear from you! 
If I am elected to be the Early Career Psychologist Committee Chair, I commit to continuing the work I’ve started, advocating for ECPs worldwide.



D52 poelker


ECP Chair-Elect: 
Katelyn Poelker, PhD

See Short Biography

It is an exciting time be part of Division 52 and I am eager to serve as ECP Committee Chair. In my recent roles as 2018 Suite Program Chair and ECP committee member, I have learned a great deal about the Division’s vision as well as ECP-related issues. ECPs themselves are a diverse group – practitioners, researchers, educators, and policy makers. If elected, I hope to provide professional development opportunities for ECPs who are beginning diverse careers. I would like to create opportunities to infuse teaching and research with international content, while instilling a passion for all things international in our students. I would also seek collaboration from colleagues in applied areas of our discipline to develop programming to promote the professional development of internationally-minded ECP practitioners of psychology. 

Furthermore, in talking with ECPs regarding Suite Programming for the 2018 APA Convention, I have learned a great deal about the needs of our Division’s ECPs. We are eager for opportunities to network with each other and with more senior members of the Division to establish collaborations. In short, ECPs are enthusiastic for opportunities to learn from others in the Division. We are fully committed to the idea that international work is best accomplished with a collaborative spirit and team-oriented approach. I would be delighted to help create and facilitate such initiatives.

If Division 52’s revised bylaws are accepted, moving us to a 3-year leadership pipeline structure, I look forward to working with LeAnn DeHoff as part of the Division’s ECP team.



Duties: Represents Division 52 on the APA Council and actively interacts with the Division 52 Board, officers, and members for consultation on items before the APA Council as well as items with international importance that should be brought to the APA Council. The term is 3 years.


D52 Emmons  

Council Representative: 
Luli Emmons, PhD

See Short Biography

The Division 52 APA Council representative must have a strong voice at the table. As Division 52 representative, I would aim to take a leading role in promoting relevant and pressing international perspectives in professional psychology. Domestic policies and strategic initiatives in professional psychology have far-reaching implications for international mobility and human rights. I consider the engagement of students and Early Career Psychologists to be crucial. They are at the leading edge of our profession; they are most fluent in the global and technological language of today. Their future careers and international mobility are most impacted by APA decisions made now. 

As an early participant in the international congress leading to the development of global core competencies, I believe global understanding of how core competencies are implemented must be continuously informed by collaboration with our partner psychological associations around the world. I recognize dilemmas surrounding reconciliation of domestic standards with those of other countries particularly for competencies and qualifications for practice. 

I would advocate on behalf of Division 52 leadership, membership interests and priorities for progress and resolution of these dilemmas. My commitment is to global engagement and collaboration of all stakeholders to advance the quality of professional psychology. I believe it is my responsibility and privilege to bring my experience in leadership, administration, teaching and practice to this important governance and advocacy.


d52 Rubin  

Council Representative: 
Neal Rubin, PhD, ABPP

See Short Biography

This is a time of significant change for our division and our association. Our division is undergoing a major reorganization to enhance our structures and processes with a view to augmenting our effectiveness and responsiveness to members while broadening our international representation. Our association is terminating the practice organization (APAPO) and rebuilding a companion organization to the APA currently titled the Institute of Psychology (APAIP). This new structure is intended to re-integrate science, practice and advocacy to secure the future integrity and well-being of our profession. These changes are occurring as association leadership is re-envisioning a new more ethical APA in the aftermath of the ethical and moral failings revealed in the Hoffman Report.
Experienced leadership is needed at such times. In my first term as Council Representative, I have consistently asserted international and human rights perspectives as valuable contributions to the Council’s decision making processes. Doing so involves listening carefully to the items that come before Council, analyzing the issues with care, discussing these issues with division members and our Board, and then engaging with other Council representatives and members of the Board of Directors to infuse a global frame of reference into the evolving discourse. Cultural humility, cross cultural sensitivity and a global frame of reference are essential to representation of Division 52.
If elected to a second term in Council, I will continue to provide a strong voice for International Psychology as we create a new vibrancy in our division and we envision a new ethical APA.