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Candidates for 2017 Elections - D52 Board of Directors

 Candidates for Open positions

President Elect: Andrés Consoli, PhD; Nancy Sidun, PsyD

Treasurer: Heather Warfield, PhD; Martha Zlokovitch, PhD

Student Representative: Adetutu Adjibose; Tatyana Elkour; Chandra Merry

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Candidate Bios and Statements


D52 Consoli


President Elect:     
Andrés J. Consoli, PhD

Short Biography


It would be an honor and a meaningful privilege to serve as President of APA’s Division 52: International Psychology. International engagement is vital to our Division and Association, to our discipline, and to the people of the world. We are citizens of an interconnected globe to which a scientifically sound, socially relevant psychology has much to offer. As such, psychology must contend with international phenomena: peace, migration, poverty, human rights, and natural and human-made disasters, among others. I view the fostering of international engagement as a logical evolution and necessary expansion of an ongoing, socially responsible, ethical commitment to cultural competence and cultural humility.

If elected to the position of president of Division 52 I will work with our Division leaders and our membership to address the matters indicated above through affirmative, emancipatory, and reciprocal transnational collaborations (Consoli, Bullock, & Morgan Consoli, 2017), pertinent conference programming, and continued support to our renowned journal, bulletin, website, and special interest groups. I will bring to the position the expertise of having served as President of the Interamerican Society of Psychology, President of the National Latina/o Psychological Association, Chair of the Council of National Psychology Associations for the Advancement of Ethnic Minority Interests, and Member-at-Large of Division 52. I will also bring the competencies of a bilingual academic and professional who is fluent in Spanish and who has ongoing collaborations throughout the Americas. I would appreciate your support through your vote. Please contact me for any questions regarding my candidacy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


D52 sidun


President Elect:     
Nancy Sidun, PsyD

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It is an honor to run for President-Elect of Division 52, which I have always considered my professional APA “home.” I feel an immense commitment to our division and its mission as it has enhanced the work of many psychologists, including my own as a clinician, scholar, author, and activist. My investment regarding human rights issues, especially related to women, was supported significantly by Div52’s executive committee who encouraged me to lead and develop a Div52 Task Force (TF) on Human Trafficking (HT); this work ultimately became the launching platform for a system-wide APA TF on HT of Women and Girls and Council approved report. My involvement with Div52 in many capacities (i.e. member and chair of various committees, convention co-coordinator, and Federal Advocacy Coordinator) has provided me with a deep understanding of our division. If elected, I intend to continue the significant and important work that has begun with our strategic planning. Engaging our international leaders, members, early career psychologists, and students would be one of my top priorities coupled with fostering transparency of our division’s work. Additionally I would like to increase Div52’s voice within APA and with other international psychological organizations by taking a more active stance on global events. I will reach out to engage all psychologists and professional organizations involved internationally, endorse and support collaboration among non-US and US-based psychologists, and promote Div52 as a leader among divisions on social justice issues. I welcome the opportunity to serve as your President-Elect and would greatly appreciate your vote.





Heather Warfield, PhD

Short Biography




Following a career as a marriage and family therapist, I completed a PhD in Counseling & Counselor Education at North Carolina State University. I merged a clinical focus on international comparative counseling/supervision practices and a research focus on the therapeutic value of contemporary pilgrimage journeys. After graduating in 2013, I took a tenure track academic position within the School of Psychology and Counselling at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. During my tenure at USQ, I taught in both the psychology and counselling programs and was instrumental in developing graduate level training in counselling and clinical supervision. In addition, I am a Dissertation Affiliate in the International Psychology program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I am a regular presenter at international conferences on the topics of pilgrimage and clinical supervision. Further, I have published articles on the therapeutic and psychological dimensions of pilgrimage, clinical supervision, and co-authored a chapter in Counseling Around the World: An International Handbook.

After searching for an “academic home” compatible with my clinical and research interests, I joined the American Psychological Association (APA) and Division 52. I finally feel as if I am amongst like-minded individuals who share an interest in international psychology as well as are actively seeking ways to contribute to the research and practice of psychology in an international context. I am seeking the position of Treasurer for Division 52 as one way to contribute to the field and as one who feels a sense of gratitude for this Division. I have past experience in financial management as a site coordinator for a mental health treatment program and currently serve on the Board of Directors for a nongovernmental organization linking military veterans with pilgrimage experiences. As part of this Board, I am responsible for financial oversight of the organizational budget. I appreciate your consideration when voting for a Treasurer for Division 52 and look forward to serving you in this capacity.


Bio Zlokovich


Martha Zlokovitch, PhD

Short Biography


Dr. Martha S. Zlokovich completed her BA in psychology at UCLA (concentration in German), and MS and PhD in developmental psychology at the University of Florida. Dr. Zlokovich was a faculty member at Southeast Missouri State University for 17 years. She joined Psi Chi in 2008 as its second Executive Director. Dr. Zlokovich lived in Germany as a high school exchange student, after which her parents hosted exchange students from Germany, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, and Italy over the years. She and her husband hosted an exchange student from Germany – the daughter of her German “sister.” She speaks German and is (slowly) learning French, Italian, and Spanish. 

Dr. Zlokovich’s experiences as an exchange student – as well as Psi Chi becoming an international honor society in 2009 – inspired her to become involved with international students and issues. Since becoming Psi Chi's Executive Director, she has traveled on behalf of Psi Chi to meetings in the Bahamas, South Africa, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and most recently led a group of students and faculty on a trip to Havana, Cuba. She works with universities outside the US that wish to apply for a Psi Chi chapter, has served chair of D2 International Relations in Psychology Committee, and as Psi Chi’s liaison to APA's Committee on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP). In 2008 Psi Chi had one international affiliate chapter in Canada, and now has approved 18 chapters in 13 countries outside of the US 50 states. Dr. Zlokovich has previously served D52 on the Membership Committee, as liaison to CIRP, as a reviewer for D52 awards and grants, and on the Building Bridges with Psi Chi Committee, which reviews applications for the D52/Psi Chi APA Travel Grant. She is interested in serving as Treasurer on the D52 Board in order to support the Division and its objectives. 


D52 Adjibose


Student Representative:   
Adetutu Adjibose

Short Biography

The emerging field of international psychology aims to promote communication and networking and cross-cultural comparison, scholarship, practice, and pedagogy (Stevens & Gielen, 2007). As a student deeply involved in immersions to international countries to promote psychology and develop curriculums, I am passionate and confident in my ability to encourage and inspire the development of new leaders in the field of international psychology. My aim is to create awareness in the student community through outreach, create workshops that may earn individuals CE credit, develop a newsletter that will continue to highlight the relevance of this field and most importantly work on creating opportunities for international immersions. Being a leader in any field requires an in depth understanding that goes beyond knowledge acquired from textbooks. Creating tangible and life changing experiences is the key to not just encouraging and inspiring the development of new leaders; it is key to retention. Being elected to the position of Student representative will award me the opportunity to promote, inspire and make a difference in the field of international psychology.  

Bio TatyanaElkour Pic 1


Student Representative:   
Tatyana Elkour, MS


I am a doctoral student in Psychology with a concentration in Media Psychology interested in the junction of where cognitive science, media innovation and social impact meet. I bring my high energy, fluid presence, and resilient drive for bringing about possibilities in times of disruption and change. As your Student Representative, I want to listen to you, understand your needs, and turn your insights into triggers for positive change. I have worn many hats in my career as a global public health expert, behavior change specialist, clinician, scientist, marketer, researcher, trainer, writer, manager, consultant, analyst, policy strategist and change agent. Thus, I have a unique ability to inspire and engage with everyday multiculturalism and diverse interdisciplinary needs. My vision is to nourish possibilities and embrace challenges to showcase the diverse opportunities for international psychology leadership. My passion is to serve you so that we can together realize where we are, what we are, and where we need to be to advance psychology science and practice while transforming our sphere of influence across the globe. All we have is now. Let’s own it!  

D52 Merry


Student Representative:  
Chandra Merry


Chandra Merry is a PsyD student whose passions for healing as well as international development led her to the field of clinical psychology. She previously worked in a high-level migrant rights NGO in the Philippines, gaining experience in partnering with organizations such as the UN. Prior to her PsyD, she completed a Master’s degree which looked at novel ways that the arts, and dramatherapy, could be applied to international development. She has lived, studied and worked in five countries and three continents. She has a long history of involvement in social justice issues, including women’s rights, racial justice, migrant rights, and environmental issues. Through her experience in international development, advocacy, and psychology, Chandra has developed a conviction that psychologists, and psychology students, have a critical and unique role to play within international work.

If elected to this role, Chandra would aim to seek out opportunities for clinical psychology students to become increasingly involved in the field of international psychology. For example, this might be through international internships, research opportunities, multi-level and relevant multidisciplinary partnerships, or advocacy initiatives. She would aim to support student initiatives, such as projects and research, that involve contributions to the field of international psychology. Chandra would commit to frequently surveying students to ensure that her efforts were collaborative and representative of student needs. Overall, she would encourage students to make connections between their work and international psychology, in the hopes of expanding student involvement and initiative in international work.